Michael Alexander


I created AU Republic in support of an Australian Republic and the adoption of a new flag which is inclusive of and gives due acknowledgement and respect to First Nation's people.

My flag designs are not intended to represent (or unite) all Australians.

It is my intention that these flag designs should represent those Australians who believe that as a nation we can be better, that we can lead the way in creating a more progressive society that will champion the ideals of fairness, justice and tolerance.

My designs are NOT intended to represent the racists, the bigots and all those that push the politics of  hate and division. My designs do not represent those that believe that our only relevant history is our white colonial history or that Aboriginal Australians should ‘just get over it’. Neither does it represent those that believe that we can never change our flag simply because it was the national flag during times when our country was involved in past armed conflict.